Providing Clarity and Guidance in a Complex Financial World

Reaching financial success doesn’t happen by accident. Our Dawson Financial Services team of investment, insurance and planning specialists will help you create a vision for the future. Our role is to help you clarify, focus and execute on your long-term financial goals and dreams.

Doug Dawson has helped thousands of families during his 30+ years as a Private Wealth Advisor. Before joining Northwestern Mutual, he was a NM client while playing in the NFL as an Offensive Lineman. His long and successful career in the NFL taught him the impact that a great coach can have on a team’s success. Doug wants to be your wealth coach, and he and the Dawson Financial Services team will work with you on your plan to realize financial independence and, through legacy planning, take care of the people and organizations that mean the most to you. Choosing to work with Doug and his team means you’ll have someone on your sideline for all of life’s opportunities and challenges.

We believe that everyone deserves to find financial success. We will guide and organize your financial life to help you find your own vision of financial security.

Houston Business Journal "The List - Wealth Management Firms and Practices, Investment Minimum Under $1 million" 2022, ranking is based on 2021 assets under management for clients residing in the Houston area. Participants do not pay to be considered but do pay marketing fees to the organization in order to promote the award. 


We are proud to be among the top rated financial and wealth advisors in Houston.

Houston Business Journal: The List